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Tasmanian Roadtrip - Tessellated Pavement 
30th-Aug-2015 09:56 pm
I was good today and sat down and ruthlessly edited the files in my Tasmania folder - got it down from around 1900 to 1662 and then processed all the images for my Tessellated Pavement blog post - this was an amazing natural feature and I was incredibly lucky to get there at low tide with no planning on my behalf - I didn't realise it was right on the shore. Much fun was had with long exposures and ultra wide lenses and all the details with many more pix is here - Lensaddiction Blog

This now accounts for about half of Day 6 of my Great Tasmanian Roadtrip being processed and accounted for - a couple more posts for this day and then on to the next one!

calm photos
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