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I hear voices in my head 
30th-Mar-2016 10:28 pm
I got bitten by my muse a few years ago and went through a brief but productive period of writing some fan fic. Something I hadn't done before, and once I got it out of my system,something I expected not to do again.

But then I discovered Longmire, and after absorbing all three seasons and during the long wait for S4, I went looking for some fanfic to help fill the void. And there is some good stuff out there.

But I started getting flashes of story appearing in my head, and if I gave it time and space they started turning into stories. And the pressure to write them to get them out on paper was undeniable. So about a year ago I started writing a story out in longhand and I am now on my ninth story having written around 80,000 words - yes folks eighty thousand words!

Sometimes a line in a song will trigger a flash, or sometimes a scene will just pop into my head. Annoyingly I seem to get the end of the story and have to fill in the blanks which is challenging. Sometimes my muse goes away, sometimes I have to turn her away because I really should be studying. So far she is coming back.

Is this how real writers exist? with a whole other world of people and places in their heads, plotting out scenes, working through dialogue, trying to figure out what to do next?

Its a special form of insanity, Im quite certain of it. I hear voices in my head, and I'm OK with that :)
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