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Im scheduled for a hysterectomy on 3rd December 
9th-Nov-2015 12:20 pm
Finally after 30 years I got old enough that they stopped expecting me to change my mind about not having kids and took me seriously and I have been accepted by the public system to have surgery and it appears I am severe enough to do it fairly quickly.

Good news is I have 8 weeks sick leave up my sleeve and doing it in Dec means I also get to relax over Xmas and Jan which is traditionally a very quiet month, and I will take ALL the time I need to feel 100% before going back to work cos I can, dammit!

Understandably not looking forward to the recovery period (have had two laps before so I have a fair idea of the unpleasantness and this will be 10x worse than those Im sure for the first week or so)

Cant drive for 4 weeks, but we have online supermarket deliveries and im stocking up on Ready to Eat meals so I wont starve.

THANK FUCKING GOD - I have a few years grace between now and menopause to actually enjoy life for a change!
blue rose
23rd-Nov-2015 05:20 pm (UTC)
I hope it goes smoothly and you have a quick recovery.
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