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Been out and about with my camera lately :) 
20th-Aug-2015 09:54 pm
A dear friend moved SEVEN HOURS DRIVE away to the stunningly gorgeous Lake Te Anau. I don't really mind because now it gives me an excuse to go visit even if it will probably only be once a year or so. Last weekend drove down on the Friday and back on the Monday - took another friend who is mates with her husband and it was nice to share the driving.

The weather for the first two days was awful, cold overcast and raining a bit but the second two days were glorious! One pic to whet your appetite and the rest under the cut - if you thought the LOTR movie scenery was amazing then check these out - I was in the area :)

Lake Tekapo on the way down - we stopped for lunch and of course I took some pix

Road to Milford Sound

Lake Te Anau

This is a 10 shot panorama of Lake Dunstan mirror smooth - blended in Lr6 using the Pano feature, it works really well

calm photos
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